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All Your Questions Answered Here.

Before starting your job search

1.  Age and Other Requirements
2.  Is the Cruise Ship Life For You?
3.  Cruise Ship Jobs Salary
4.  Medical Exam for Cruise Ship Employment
5.  Passport and Visa Requirements
6.  Cruise Ship Job Scams

What education is needed?

7.  Training Required for Cruise Ship Jobs
8.  College Courses for Cruise Jobs
9.  Best Entry Level Jobs for Students
10. Cruise Ships Jobs and No Experience

Choosing the right job

11.  How to Choose a Cruise Job
12.  Which Cruise Jobs Require Sales Experience?
13.  Cruise Ship Job Positions

Marine and technical operations

14.  Deck Department
15.  Engine Department
16.  Electro/Technical Department
17.  Security Department
18.  Medical Department

Hotel operations

19.  Hotel Management
20.  Guest Services Department
21.  Housekeeping Department
22.  Food & Beverage Department
23.  Other Hotel Services


24.  Entertainment Staff
25.  Production Cast & Crew
26.  Music Department
27.  Guest Entertainer

Other departments

28.  Casino Department
29.  IT Department
30.  Human Resources
31.  Photography & Videography Department
32.  Spa, Fitness & Salon Department
33.  Gift Shops & Boutiques Department

Finding job opportunities

34.  Recruitment Agencies
35.  Concessions Agencies
36.  Entertainment Agencies
37.  Hidden Cruise Jobs
38.  Recruitment Events

Applying for a cruise ship job

39.  How to Apply for Cruise Ship Jobs
40.  Creating Your Cover Letter
41.  Writing Your Resume
42.  Cruise Ship Job Interviews
43.  What Cruise Employers Want From a Job Applicant
44.  Follow Up and Get Hired
45.  How Long the Application Process Takes
46.  Cruise Ship Jobs for Couples

Starting your job

47.  Packing Tips for Cruise Ship Crew
48.  Your First Day Working on a Cruise Ship

Rules, safety and conduct on board ship

49.  Cruise Ship Safety
50.  Crew Role in Cruise Ship Emergency
51.  Cruise Ship Security
52.  Crew Rules and Code of Conduct

Life as a crewmember onboard ship

53.  Cruise Ship Crew Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
54.  Cruise Ship Crew Accommodations and Facilities
55.  How Crew Spend Free Time
56.  Wages, Banking, Saving and Taxes
57.  Benefits, Injury Compensation and Insurance
58.  Cruise Ship Ranks and Hierarchy
59.  Phones, Email and Internet on Cruise Ships
60.  Cruise Ship Health, USPH and the Vessel Sanitization Program
61.  Seasickness and Homesickness
62.  Promotions and Careers
63.  Appraisals and Disciplinary Action

Working on yachts

64.  Overview of the Yacht Industry
65.  Life Aboard Yachts
66.  Yacht Crew Jobs and Salary Info
67.  Yacht Crew Training

Cruise ship companies

68.  Overview of the Cruise Lines and Their Ships
69.  Cruise Ship Facts

History and future of the cruise industry

70.  History of Cruise Industry – 1815 to 1929
71.  History of Cruise Industry – 1929 to 1945
72.  History of Cruise Industry – 1945 to 1957
73.  History of Cruise Industry – 1958 to 1989
74.  History of Cruise Industry – 1990 to Present
75.  Cruise Industry Outlook:  Next Decade and Beyond


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