Cruise Ship Job Industry Blacklist

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On this page we strive to have the most comprehensive online blacklist of companies, individuals, websites and email addresses associated with
"shady" or illegal business practices in the cruise ship employment industry.

 Please Note:  
Unfortunately, this is not necessarily a complete list.  New people and scam companies are appearing all the time, so your best approach is to do your research and remain vigilant.  If a company is not listed here, but you suspect they may be involved in questionable, "shady" or illegal business practices, you may contact (the "scams" department Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines) to see if they can provide you with further information.

At the very least, you may put a company or individual on their radar for future reference.

All of the legitimate cruise lines, cruise ship recruitment agencies and concessionaires work closely together to share information that will help identify those individuals, companies, websites and email addresses associated with bad or illegal business practices. It is in the best interest of the industry as a whole to root out and identify these people so they can be exposed and we can all be aware of them.

To learn more about what scams are currently being run, we have a full section on Cruise Ship Job Scams.

People Who are Blacklisted in the Cruise Ship Industry (names may be fictitious.)

(For more names of people associated with scams, see the separate Crystal Cruises section below.)

These names are of people who engage in "shady", greatly misleading or illegal business practices. Some or many of these names may be fake (ie, not their real names), but these names have all been tagged and associated with bad business practices. You are advised to stay away from them.

Advani, Nikhil  "Nikhil Advani"
Ashdown, Philip  "Philip Ashdown" (
Boston, Roland  "Roland Boston"
Buana, Padma Bali  "Bali Padma Buana"
Edwardson, Johnny,  "Chief Captain" "Chief Captain Johnny Edwardson"
Elixier, Shawn  "Shawn Elixier"
Graham, Winston  "Winston Graham"
Kennedy Lawrence, Peterson "Captain"  "Captain Peterson Kennedy Lawrence" "Hiring/Recruitment Manager"
Kyle, Mark "Mark Kyle"
Malhotra, Raj "Captain"  "Captain Raj Malhotra"
Mendez, Amanda  "Ms. Amanda Mendez"
Morgan, Dorris "Captain"  "Captain Dorris Morgan" ( - pretending to be from Amble Boat Company (UK)
Ndlandla, Albert  "Mr. Albert Ndlandla"
Phillip, David "Capt."  "Capt. David Phillip" ( - pretending to be from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
Rains, Paul  "Paul Rains"
Smith, Terry "Captain" "Captain Terry Smith" (UK)
Vinall, Nelson Francisco "Mr. Nelson Francisco Vinall"
Wapenny, Hook "Hook Wapenny"

Cruise Ship Job Companies Known to Scam or
Engage in "Shady" or Questionable Business Practices

(For more scam companies, see the separate Crystal Cruises section below.)

*** It is important to note that many of these companies names in many cases are very similar to or use parts of legitimate company names. Please do your research and be careful not to confuse legitimate cruise ship companies or recruitment agencies with these scam companies. ***

Aftermath Shipping GH Ltd (Ghana)
Agora Global Holdings (Malaysia)
Amble Boat Company, (USA) NOT to be confused with the legitimate
American Cruise Ship Corporation (Canada)
ApolloShips - International Cruise Services Inc
Arfha International (India)
Ausi Cruise Line (Malaysia)
Australasian Cruise Line International (Malaysia)
Australia Cruise Line International Corporation
Australia Crystal Cruise (not to be mistaken with Crystal Cruises)
Avalon Cruise Services (Canada)
Ballet Online Job Company (Russia)
Baltic Tourist Shipping Line (Ghana, UK)
Blue Sea Shipping Company (Ghana)
Canadian Cruise Shipping (Canada, Malaysia)
Captains Shipping Line (Ghana)
Caribbean Princess Cruises (UK)
Carnival Seven Seas Cruise Line (Europe, Canada, Bermuda)
Cemapa ("Felipe McQueen")
Centro Maritimo Panama (
Coaster Shipping Company London (UK, United Arab Emirates)
"Cool Jobs At Sea (Canada)
Crew File"" ("
Crown Cruise Liners, Malaysia
Crown Cruiseliners International (Malaysia)
Crown Recruitment-Marine Crewing & Traveling Consultancy Inc.
Cruise Canadian Line (Malaysia)
Cruise Careers (Canada)
Cruise Critic  NOT to be mistaken for
Cruise International (NB, Canada)
Cruise Line International (Malaysia)
Cruise Queenliner (Malaysia)
Cruise Services International (UK)
Cruise Services Unlimited
Cruise Ship Centers International (San Francisco USA)
Cruise Ship Global Canada (Canada, Malaysia)
Cruise Ship Jobs London (UK)
Cruise Ship Jobs Online (Canada)
Cruise Ship Service Line Canada (Canada & Malaysia)
Cruise Shipping Line (Canada)
CruiseQueenliner (Malaysia)
Cruiseship Global Canada (Canada, Malaysia)
Crystal Cruise Line (Sydney)
Crystal Cruise Line  ( - NOT to be confused with Crystal Cruises
CTG Group London, Capt Terry Smith (UK) - NOT to be mistaken for CTI Group
Dolphin Ship Management (San Marino)
Express Cruise Tourist Shipping Lines (Canada, Malaysia)
Express Cruises and Shipping Company M.V.Custavia (UK, Australia, Ghana, UK)
Fileassist (Illegitimate cruise ship job company - NOT a brand or other non-related business.)
Fleewing International (CA, USA)
Fresh Princess Cruise Lines
Fresh Princess Cruises UK Limited (UK)
Frontline Consulting London (Ghana, UK)
Geoluxary Cruise Lines Int. (Malaysia)
Geoluxury Cruise Lines (Malaysia)
Getaway Abroad (Angola, South Africa, USA, UK)
Global Arrow Shipping Line (Ghana, UK)
Global Cruise Lines International
Global Cruise Shipping Services (Canada, USA)
Global Sea Shipping Line (Scotland, Ghana)
Gold Coast Shiping Campany (UK)
Goldline Shipping Cruise Ship Personnel
Goldline Shipping Ltd Cruise Ship Agency
Greenline Consults (Roland Botson, Mark Kyle) (Ghana, UK)
Hawks Marine Cruises International (Canada)
Highsea Shipping Line (Scotland, Ghana)
Indonatics (India)
Infinity Cruise Lines International (Malaysia)
Intercontinental Spirit Ship (Ghana)
Intercontinental Cruises Company London (Ghana, UK) "
International Cruise Ship Recruiters
International Transition Abroad - The New Era (South Africa, UK, USA) "
Ivory Arrow Shipping (Ghana, UK)
Jdak Cruises and Shipping (Ghana)"
Just Cruis'n Maritime Crewing Recruitment & Traveling Consultancy Inc
Kingdom Shipping GH Ltd (Ghana)
Kings of Oceans Cruiseliners
Kiwi-Ocean Shipping Line (Scotland, New Zealand, Taiwan)
K-Shipping (Ghana)
Luxury Cruise Company (UK)
Luxury Yachts (jobsonluxuryyachts .com)
Malaysia Crystal Cruises (Malaysia, UK)
Malaysian Canadian Caribbean Line Cruises (Malaysia)
Mariposa Cruise Line (Malaysia), NOT to be confused with Mariposa Cruises (Canada) a legitimate company.
Marks and Silogar Consulting (UK, Ghana)
Maydott Cruiseline International (Malaysia)
Midway Cruise Company
Mutus Cruises (Malaysia)
Nationwide Employment Services ("Mr. Peters")
Natra Cruising Company (Ghana)
New World Cruise Ship Employment Agency (Canada)
Oax Rectruitment
Ocean International Cruises (UK)
Ocean Village Cruises (Malaysia)
Oceana International (Canada)
Oceania Cruise Company (UK, Malaysia)
Oceania Cruise Line (UK, Malaysia) (
Oceania Cruise Line International (Australia)
Pacific Cruise Corporation (USA)
Pacific International Shipping Line (UK, Ghana)
Pacific West Liners (USA)
Pan American Cruise Corporation (Berverly Hills, CA USA)
Pandayan Sevenseas Manpower Recruitment Services"" (India) "
Pentagon Cruise (Malaysia)
Port Side"" (Canada) "
Princess Mariana Company
Ramos Cruise Shipping Company Inc. (USA)
Ramos Cruises Inc. (USA)
Recruiting Yacht Club (UK)
Rim Silver
Rocket Ship Cruiseline (UK)
Royal Atlantic Star Cruise Line (UK)
Royal Caribbean Cruise Shipping Company London
Royal Caribbean Global Hiring Network (
Royal Cruise Corporation of Canada
Royal Cruise Line Inc. (Canada, Malaysia)
Royal Cruise Liner (Canada, Malaysia)
Royal Cruiseliner (Canada, Malaysia)
Royal Festival Cruises International
Royal Ocean Village Cruise International (Malaysia, UK)
Royal Village Cruise London (UK)
Salsa Cruise (Malaysia)
San Marino Shipping (San Marino)
Sea Dream Liner Yacht Club (UK)
Sea Wave Cruise Liner (Malaysia)
Seafarers Maritime & Cruise Employment Placement Personnel
Sealife Crewing Recruitment & Traveling Consultancy Ltd (USA, UK)
Sealife Crewing Services
Sealink Shipping Company Limited (UK, Ghana)
Seamax International
Seek Work Consulting (UK, Ghana)
Sherri's Employment (Ghana, UK)
Sherri's Tourist Shipping Line (Ghana, UK)
Shipping Planet (Malaysia)
Silver Crown Cruises (UK)
Skylines Cruise International (Malaysia)
Starboard Crewing Manning & Recruitment Agency (
Starboard Crewing Recruitment & Traveling Consultancy Inc
Starcruise (Malaysia)
Starline Cruises (Malaysia)
Sunborn Yacht Hotel (UK)
The New Era - International Transition Abroad (USA, UK, South Africa)
Thomas Cook Recruiter and Travel Agency
To Sea With Z (
Touchline Marine Cruises International (Canada, Malaysia)
Transways Logistics (Malaysia)
Velta Express Shipping Line (Ghana, UK)
Vidyathi & Co. Immigration
Vigo Cruises (Malaysia)
Viking Maritime - Crewing, Recruitment & Traveling Consultancy Inc. (Guernsey, UK)
World Cruize (Malaysia, UK)
Xprex Shipping Company Limited UK (Bristol, UK)
Yun Chun International Students Service Center PET LTD.

 Scam Websites (UK) (Seamax International)

Scam Email Addresses

(For more scam email addresses, see the separate Crystal Cruises section below.),

Crystal Cruises - Their Blacklist

Crystal Cruises
(link goes to their legitimate website) is a world-class, world-renowned global cruise ship company. They have identified the following individuals, companies and email addresses that have tried to con people into believing they are associated with their cruise ship operation:

Individuals Known to Have Conducted Questionable or Illegal Business (Names May Be Fictitious)

Hook, Wapenny "Hook Wapenny"
Graham, Winston "Winston Graham"

The following individuals are associated with the similar-sounding, fake company "Crystal Cruise Line International"

Bin Reasli, Najib "Najib Bin Reasli"
Tan, Kevin "Kelvin Tan"
Tun, Chong "Chong Tun"

Here are six individuals that have attempted to illegally pass themselves off as working for Crystal Cruises, using the following fake email addresses:, and

Anderson, Michael "Michael Anderson"
Hook, Robert P. "Robert P. Hook"
Jones, Larrytez "Larrytez Jones"
Powell, Katherine "Katherine Powell"
Rogers, Juliet "Juliet Rogers"
Schwartz, Deborah "Deborah Schwartz"
Stewart, Monica "Monica Stewart"

Companies That Scam People (remember, these are very similar sounding to "Crystal Cruises", so be careful not to confuse them with the actual Crystal Cruises  (link goes to their legitimate website.)

"Crystal Cruise Line (Sydney)"
"Australia Cruise Line International"
"Crystal Cruise Line Australia"

Scammer Email Addresses (see above.) (see above.)



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